Located in the south of France and spin-off of PMB-ALCEN, THERYQ is an innovative medical technology company specializing in the design and production of radiotherapy machines incorporating linear accelerators. The company masters and provides essential expertise on project management, R&D, industrialization and manufacturing. THERYQ is part of ALCEN’s Healthcare branch.

THERYQ aims to introduce a revolutionary technology in 2 steps:

  • FLASHKNiFE, a product already developed to treat tumors up to 4 cm-deep with on-going clinical trials
  • FLASHDEEP, to develop and validate the first FLASH device for external radiotherapy of all deep-seated tumors

With this new technology, THERYQ will:

  • Significantly increase patients’ opportunities to be cured of their cancer
  • Decrease treatment cost 
  • Offer clinicians new solutions to better treat cancer

THERYQ is a spin-off of the company PMB, which led the pioneering projects on FLASH since 2013 and has a long-standing collaboration with several prominent institutions around the world. A transfer by PMB to THERYQ of the complete branch of activity dedicated to its radiotherapy business was done in 2022.